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Meli: 42!

Meli gives us 42! a parody of 22 by Taylor Swift
She even sings it in a video!!!

It feels like the perfect time to celebrate Errol’s life
Since it’s his birthday, uh uh uh uh
It feels like the perfect time for Errol to express joy
Biggest NaNo Fanboy, uh uh uh uh
Well, he’s boisterous and erratic at the same time
He also says “Huzzah!” a lot oh yeah
Right now’s the time to celebrate and the party, that’s right, uh uh
I don’t know about you but Errol’s turning 42
Everything will be alright if you have a towel with you
You might not know about him, but I bet you want to
He’s a geek that knits and writes and, did I mention that he’s turning 42, 42
Write some more parody songs
Then record with Debs, work on web comic
Do skit for Miss Manpans
Take picture of body part, and then it’s 3gp, is Ja-mez sick again?
Ooh, happy funny awesome geeky in the best way
Where are all the potato chips oh no!
Errol is always hungry we need food now… ooo pho! Whoa oh!
I don’t know about you but Errol’s turning 42
He’s obsessed with Totoros and did I mention At-ats too?
He plays piano and sings and he dances it is true
If Neil Gaiman tweets him again, he might not act like he is 42, 42
June 5th it’s true 41, 42
Cosplay at some cool con
Do some geek panels
Gravity Falls marathon
Knit finger Yakko
Play Portal and DnD
Still got that novel, there’s so much geek to do, there is not time to lose!
Ooo ooo yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
I don’t know about you but Errol’s turning 42
He has a band and a weekly podcast and he usually writes in blue
Now you know about him but you might not have wanted to
Anyway it’s time to party, and that’s because Errol is 42, 42
Errol’s now 42, yeah, 42, yeah yeah
It is now one of those times
It’s time to party
It is now one of those times
Get the cake ready
It is now one of those times

Errol release your muse, we need to celebrate you, happy birthday to you!

5 Responses to Meli: 42!

    • And there is a video now too!

      And did I mention how delicious my shoulders are? You really should try at least a bite or two.