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3GP – Cancelled for tonight and need movie suggestions.

Errol: Sorry all! Manpans is away, and I have some stuff I need to get done (now that Debs is back tomorrow) so we aren’t going to have a podcast tonight!

In the meantime, we’ve been thinking of doing a commentary of a movie.

The idea being that we would watch a movie on another screen and comment on it, and you would queue up that movie and watch it with us.

So, any movie suggestions?

21 Responses to 3GP – Cancelled for tonight and need movie suggestions.

  1. Already suggested this on facebook, but I’ll suggest it again here so you can find it: Akira

    Also, now I can feel less guilty about spending most of the evening playing Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.

  2. You just did this so Jez wouldn’t have to miss one! ::Totally kidding::

    T.T for no podcast, but YAY for the return of the Debs! She has been much missed. 🙂

    Whatever you choose, you probably want to make sure it is readily available online (Netflix, Hulu, and such) or that it is so universal we’re all likely to have it. I presume also family friendly, so rated G or PG at worst. I highly recommend NOT Disney, because if you have their audio or any of the screen in camera view…. that could get legally messy. Also an anime may be an issue just because of translations, and different sub jobs, running against dubs…

    So some possible suggestions, given this group (though I’d have to check that Disney didn’t swallow all of the Henson rights)
    Dark Crystal
    The Last Unicorn
    Serenity (though I’m not a fan, there probably are some here, warning though, PG-13 so prescreen to see if you’ve forgotten anything potentially problematic)
    I’d say the first Trek reboot movie (not sure what the rating was) but it isn’t available for streaming on Netflix.
    Titan A.E.
    The Wiz

    Anyway, just some possibilities. Looking forward to what you pick. As someone who avoids FB like the plague though, when you do schedule this, anyway you can post about it here, so I know which day I need carve out a larger section of time, enough in advance that I can do so? Thanks.

  3. Yes we need it to be something most people would reasonably have or would have access to. I don’t know if Netflix would be a safe bet necessarily as not everyone has membership. So a lot of foreign films will be difficult to do.

    The other issue is that the film needs to be something that we can provide some kind of commentary on, so it needs to be something we have familiarity with or can discuss easily on the fly.

    Some of my suggestions were:

    Star Wars
    Back to the Future
    Galaxy Quest
    Jurassic Park
    The Dark Knight
    Kung Fu Hustle
    Shawn of the Dead
    A Muppet Christmas Carol

    Other suggestions include:

    – Tron
    – Goonies
    – Fifth Element
    – Roger Rabbit
    – Spaceballs
    – Ghostbusters
    – Indiana Jones

  4. Also we don’t need to be worried about rights because everything will be muted and subtitled and we will not be broadcasting or recording audio or video. This will be like if you were listening to an actual commentary. All we will be broadcasting is ourselves as we watching providing commentary.

    For reference how this works check out this podcast series:

    • Okay, good. I was worried about that, and didn’t know how you were going to handle it.

      I was focusing on Netflix, because ti was something I could check, I have that but not Hulu, I figured if we found something that was on both…

      If you guys are using the subs to do commentary, not listening to it then, will this be a less interactive podcast than usual?

      And of that list, if I can find a copy of it, I vote Goonies!

      • It may be a little less interactive but it’s something I have wanted to experiment with for a while. I am hoping we could add a different element every so often that can provide amusement and information but participate in a different capacity as a group.

  5. The Princess Bride! Heh, first thing that comes to mind. It also helps that I’ve seen it about three times. Or Real Genius? Seen that like five times. (Love that movie)
    Can’t watch Netflix from NZ so just suggesting ones we already own ;_;
    Lol, I’d love to see another podcast one day, but I always seem to miss them, and I’ve blown our broadband limit again on streaming music this month. 😛

  6. I believe if you know where to look, its possible to find most if not all of Classic Doctor Who online- I seem to recall hearing of an account on DailyMotion that had uploaded pretty much all of it…

    • I will have to look into Daily Motion. I have been looking for the classic stuff for a while, and Netflix is stingy about streaming their collection.

      Speaking of, we were at the Time Travel weekend for the Ren Faire, and someone was trying to convince my friends and I that Doctor Who is STILL treated as a little kiddie show in England….

      • Well, the showrunners since Who was rebooted have done their best to play up the kid demographic- though more RTD than Moffat…

      • While I can see it as still family appropriate for the most parts, some episodes, like Girl In The Fire place seem to me like they could not have possibly been aimed at kids. Or Silence in the Library, or Night Terrors…