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Comic 684 – “Pratchett”


Errol: I first met Kari Maarenn over twitter, and the first day we met in real life I dragged her to a Filk circle and then to a Fringe play which was Terry Pratchett’s Mort.

I’m a huge Terry Pratchett fan, and I also happened to meet up with Mags and Sunny there as well. So it’s now become tradition, because we wall went last night with others! Nepeta, James and Manpans met up with us, and I even saw other Nanowrimo’s there as well!

I would have drawn them, but I want to go to bed.

24 Responses to Comic 684 – “Pratchett”

  1. You’re much more considerate of new people than I am. People stumbling across my comic for the first time yesterday, for instance, saw someone in a nightgown walking through a cave with her imaginary doppelganger and a candle that didn’t really exist; they then encountered a young woman with a drop spindle. The incomprehensible conversation that followed must have provoked a large number of “huh?”s.

    I’m still amused by how we’ve done something twice now, and it has become a “tradition.” Errol kept telling people yesterday that we “always” did this.

    • Simple result of his attention span- he doesn’t remember a time when you didn’t do this 😀

      • Kari and I have been friends for ever! ^_^ She taught me how to play the uke when we were 4 years old! I was one at the time. She was 4.

  2. I FOLLOW your comic and still had a lot of “huh” when I read that, Kari. But by now, I’ve come to expect it. ::Grins::

    I collect (not counting Manga) Elfquest. ElfQuest. ELFQUEST. The old MTG books, oh, and did I mention…. ElfQuest? Do you know how bloody hard it is to find good editions of the EQ books anymore? But so worth it. I need a new copy of the sound track… and to find all of the Blood of Ten Chiefs novels, because the few I have were second hand and are falling apart.

    By the way, I collect Elfquest books.

    Oh, and any ongoing series I’m reading, not on the nook.

      • Yep!!!! WARP Graphics. My mom says her claim to fame is eating a piece of shrimp off of Wendy Pini’s plate. They got to interview the Pinis back then, and we have some ordinal art in the house that Wendy gave mom. I’ve spent most of my life under orders that sound like “DO NOT TOUCH”.

        But I was reading EQ since I was two or three. Didn’t understand all of it then, but it’s impossible to say if it is the root of my love for many things, because of how young I read it. But I adore it, and I had to get my own copies finally of the original four books (a birthday gift from my parents a few years ago) because I was wearing their copies out. I don’t have the books with me, but I could still tell you near about anything about anyone in the EQ world, and for many, that includes soul names.

      • I read only… uh… I don’t know. A friend of mine had them, and it was so long ago when they first came out. How long is the series?

      • Most people only consider the first four books as the series, the later books are… more esoteric. Harder to find, not all done by Wendy and Richard, and few of them are in color. I think the graphic novel is something like… 30 books or so including hidden years, bedtime stories, and the like.

  3. Hi Kari, geek ukulele player! ^.^ I hope that you had fun last night at the Fringe!

    I have a bunch of new books of series sitting on my bookshelf… I really don’t get why I don’t borrow them from the library. I have the problem of trying to get everything as soon as it’s released.

  4. I have all of the Pern books in Hard Cover and the Sword of Truth books.

    I also collected all of Robert Asprinu’s Myth Adventures in paper back. They have been read and reread by me and the kids….

    • But have you also read Robert Asprin’s Phule’s Company books?

      As to my own book collection, I have all of the Lost Fleet books by Jack Campbell, a significant number of Star Wars novels, I have all the Honor Harrington books by David Weber either in e-book or dead tree format… and all of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books

      • I’ve not come across ALL of Phules Company, but I would love to finish off that group. I read all of the start wars novels till around the time Phantom Menace came out and contradicted much of it. They were starting to contradict each other in minor ways anyway.

        Around that time I started switching to listening to unabridged books rather than reading them. And I hate how the starwars books include sound effects.

      • Have you got past Echoes of Honor in the Honor Harrington series yet out of interest? I’m currently re-reading At all costs (book 11), having taken advantage of a week off work to catch up with some of the books I wanted to return to.

      • I’m also a big fan of the Honor series and have them all lined up on my bookcase – except for some of the short story collections. I also have the Dresden Files and Codex Alera. I used to collect a lot more books, but when I ran out of room and had to stack them on the floor, it became a problem. I also work for a library, so I mainly get my books that way now. When the new books come in there’s a crowd of us fighting over who gets what first.

        Who’s your favorite side character(s) in the Honor-verse?

      • I’ve read (and own in paperback) all of M.Y.T.H. Inc. and Phule, and I have bought all the Dragon’s Deal books, but after reading about what happened when he was writing the pyramid M.Y.T.H. Book, I tear up whenever I try to read anything of his now. He was Amazing. Oh, and my family also collects Xanth books. You do NOT want to know how many copies of Spell we own.

    • Sorry Lore, I didn’t see it until now. But let’s plan another time to meet up. How does 11:30pm sound?

      • Sounds good, I will do my best to be on. Should I open the gates for you or go to visit?

      • If you have pears or persimmons, I’d be thrilled. If not, I’m cool. I think I have everything else growing now. Have I mentioned I love tours?

  5. I read a Lot of series, but if we are talking about collecting, then James White’s “Sector General” series is something I collect beyond just wanting to read them.