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Comic 685 – “And She’s Back”


Errol: I was excited, actually. Over the weekend I finished some instrumentals, so all good. I need to work on a couple more but after that, we’ll be done with them! Huzzah! My Tototoro knitting is sadly wanting. Debs is a knitting fiend, however.

13 Responses to Comic 685 – “And She’s Back”

  1. I don’t know why, but I found this comic amusing.
    I was laughing at every single panel. [/that sounded boring, sorry]

  2. So, your blurb has established that your Tototoro knitting is less than adequate- how about your totoro knitting? 😛

  3. Whoo, Gravity Falls was great. I only watched the first…five or so episodes though, and I was caught up at the time. Then I went and watched a current episode and I wasn’t as impressed. I should really go through and watch it though, it’s a great show.

  4. Hahaha, Errol talking like that is far too amusing. ^_^

    For the 800th comic…. comic submissions were fun last time, I’m not sure what else… *wishes she had actual ideas, but didn’t want to ignore the question*