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700 Comics: Comic Submission by Jezbel

Errol: Every 100 comics we get the D&E community to submit their own D&E comic! I had a theme for the 700th comic submission, but no one listens to the themes I choose (in fact, I don’t listen to it either).
Debs: Jezbel did though!

Jezbel: So my comic is hopefully on a Thursday. When I originally drew it I had planned out when comic 700 was going to happen and put the corresponding background in the panels. Then Errol did a Sunday comic. Gah! Luckily he’s now doing this comic a day thing so it should be on the right day now. I choose a few fandoms to put Debs and Errol into, or well.. rather have Errol cosplay them into. XD The AT-AT was surprisingly easier to draw then I thought it would be. And yes Debs is Donna in the last panel. I thought she fit the whole Debs and Errol vibe more than any of the other companions. 🙂

16 Responses to 700 Comics: Comic Submission by Jezbel

  1. There’s a pattern here, and one doesn’t belong.

    I think you are trying to get us to write a Doctor Who song. ^_^

  2. Jez, my comic submission answers your hover-over question. @.@

    YAY DOCTOR WHO SONG! you should check out the one Uncle Yo performed, the Ke$ha Parody (Tick Tock), and Sonic Screwdriver. But not until you finish season 6 of the reboot. All of those are spoiliorific.

    Btw, just caught up on Who. Still trying to process.

  3. As of recently, I am a Whovian and am raising young Whovians. We’ve watched all of the new Series this summer. Doctors 9-11. Oh yeah. Mad man with a box would make an AWESOME song. 🙂