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Comic 679 – “Meli Meetup”


Errol: Huzzah! We got to meet Meli this past Saturday! 😀 She gave us presents which you can see on the last 3 Geeks in a Pod video! 😀 We also went to see a Fringe Play and eat Pho! ^_^ I think her parents think we’re strange. 😀
Whitless: Meli is super nice and enthusiastic :D. And yes, Errol was behaving. It happens from time to time. Especially around normal people 😀

19 Responses to Comic 679 – “Meli Meetup”

  1. Yeah… tranquil… right.

    Ooo and now I’m in a comic! I look nice.

    What’s on my shirt? Are those the colors of the shirt I was wearing on Saturday?