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Comic 680 – “Amy”


Errol: Meet Amy. I met her first at Nanowrimo. She’s been to almost every nerd event there is in Toronto. She’s totally awesome and we like hanging out with Amy.

But then she asked manpans to hang out with her at the Nerd Mafia Pub. She didn’t ask me! …

Why? What did I do wrong?

In the end, I made them all go out for dinner with me.

In other news, it’s almost 700 comics. Any ideas for comic 700?

Whitless: This was seriously his reaction. Amy is awesome :D. We have much in common, including our lack of ability or caring to put on make-up. And she can do ARCHERY! AWESOME! Errol’s jealous and I care not. Also, it rained a lot last night. Errol didn’t want to get wet. So he bought a towel. And shoved it under his shirt. He was ridiculously happy about this. Here is a picture.


10 Responses to Comic 680 – “Amy”

  1. Yay friendship! Errol you are very much my friend too I just didn’t think you were able to make it! BUT I am glad you could and it was a great, all-be-it squishing and pruney, night! I can’t wait to take you guys to the archery range. Sooooooon!

    • Wow, we spell ‘albeit’ differently. I was looking at that wondering what it was until I sounded it out in my head! ^_^

  2. I wish I could go to the range with you guys. My goal is 60 arrows a week on the long bow during the run. Then hopefully when I get home, I can go to the range by me and start working re-curve.

    • I don’t understand what any of that means!

      All I’ve learned about archery is what I’ve learned from Tomb Raider:

      1) You can easily upgrade your bow from random parts scattered around island
      2) You can shoot in a straight line
      3) If you tie a rope thick enough to support your weight to an arrow, you can still shoot in a straight line
      4) Flaming arrows destroy a lot of things
      5) No one can hear a bow. It’s the ultimate in stealth
      6) No matter how much you fall, run, jump, climb, are pummelled by large debris… the bow, and the arrows, never break.
      7) High quality grade arrows are always strewn about the island in ready supply. Like bullets, and first aid, and pages of books because people don’t wish to keep their diary in ONE JOURNAL.

      I think… I may have been misinformed…

  3. Yay, archery! So much fun. I’d love to hear about Errol’s adventures with a bow 😀 I participated in some of the archery club practice shootings during my semester at the University of Washington, and I missed it so much when I changed schools/majors. I keep hoping to find somewhere where I can start again. I’ve always wanted to try a recurve.

  4. Idea for comic 700: Everybody who has ever been in the comic turns up without Errol, with the intent of shunning him. 😛