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Comic 681 – “Customize”


Errol: I have the second totoro, but I’m… not happy with it. I think I need to fix it. Grrr, if anyone is not getting things done, it’s me. I may have to dedicate a whole day to knitting. I should find people to join me.
Debs: Why aren’t you happy with it? I wouldn’t worry – we’re doing well on Totoros. I could get the ones we need for the end of July done on my own at the rate I’m going. But yeah…I was bored of normal eyes so I emailed a few of the first recipients (the ones that I’ll be seeing in a few weeks in the States) and asked if they want anything added. And now I get to do a Totoro with glasses and one with vampire fangs! Okay, the normal eye ones are still really cute. But if you are getting one and want something a bit different, let us know. I hope someone asks for a cyclops Totoro.

14 Responses to Comic 681 – “Customize”

  1. Ooo I want a cross-eyed one! Lore can verify I have a slight fascination with cross-eyed cats so a cross-eyed Totoro must also be adorable! 🙂

    Today is my last day with constant internet. I leave for my trip tomorrow and I will be in Seattle a couple days so I should have hotel internet then plus my phone. However on the ship I can’t use anything as it counts as International roaming if I use data (ouch). We may spring for the ship wifi but we’ll see. Luckily except for the one stop in Canada I have coverage in all the other stops so I’ll be checking things sporadically once I get on US soil again. Now… I just need to actually pack. XD

  2. This is of course the point at which somebody asks Debs for a spider-eyed totoro and she ends up having to knit not just two eyes but at least seven… (Debs is now, I am sure, grateful I didn’t qualify for one)

    • * Laughs * Anything to stop the eye boredom 🙂 It’s requests like capes that have me going “Bwah? That would take a long time.”

  3. Jez, you’re worse than me! You haven’t packed yet? O.O
    And yes, she likes cross eyed cats. The Dork, the Old Man.

    When you finish the perks, will you be selling more Totoros mayhaps?

  4. So I’m mostly packed except for the things I can’t do until tomorrow. I also napped and will be napping again soon. They changed 3 of my flight numbers and times so I’m leaving even earlier now than before. It’s still really freaking early just now it’s OMG really freaking early! XD I already bought a huge Vanilla Doubleshot Espresso can earlier for the morning. Lots of coffee shall be consumed tomorrow. The funny thing is that I was going to be the last to arrive out of my family and now I’ll be the first. XD

    • So… my sisters flight is delayed. My parents don’t know yet but they are in a nearby area so we don’t know yet. I have a feeling I’ll be in Seattle by myself for awhile.