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Comic 682 – “Doubleclicks Excitement”


Errol: Tonight on Search for Geek at 7pm EST! I hope to interview the Doubleclicks! They are an awesome nerd-folk band from Portland and they have a new CD released! Please check this site for the live google hangout you can watch! ^_^

9 Responses to Comic 682 – “Doubleclicks Excitement”

  1. Checking out this band now, sounds pretty neat from the one song I’ve heard! Been a while since I’ve commented here…I was just reminded of your awesomeness because I was playing a game of Catan against some robots on my tablet, and remembered how I only know how to play because of that FAWM song…

      • Yep ::grins:: But first, the being social thing. Ren Faire tomorrow, and finishing making the sewing nook for her mom, and working on novel stuff, then Sunday is for going to the movies and more novel stuff and hanging out and much mocking. So…. Monday. I can finish it Monday. If….. I have the living room to myself, and if I don’t get Oooooh Shiney’d by Skylanders, Animal Crossing, and WoW.