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Comic 683 – “Angela”


Errol: As you may know, we have a series called “The Search for Geek” where we interview nerd bands.

A few days ago, we sent out some questions to Angela from the Doubleclicks and she offered to answered them in a google hangout! Which we did!

I was so excited!

So please, check out our Interview with the Doubleclicks and then check out their new CD: Lasers and Feelings!

11 Responses to Comic 683 – “Angela”

  1. Can’t watch until I’m home. Family all made it finally yesterday. Today is sightseeing!

    • Lol. Turns out we’ll be a bit close, Jezbel – my family and I are just about to leave for Renton to visit my aunt, uncle, and grandmother. She’s Vietnamese and said she may have pho for us when we get there 😀

      I hope you have a blast in Seattle!

  2. I haven’t seen the interview yet. I can’t seem to get the living room to myself.

    Yay Pho.


  3. They updated Mii Plaza. Now it’s pretty, but it’s a whole lot of “SPEND MONEY NOW!!!!” The garden game looks fun, but I have a 3DS, what makes them think I have any money left?!