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Send us Your Submissions for Comic 700!

We are getting close to 700 comics and so I want your submissions! ^_^

Here’s a theme even: D&E and your fandom!

You can interpret that any way you wish. Heck, if you think of an awesome comic, you don’t even have to follow that theme.

Please, send submissions to

Due Date: Friday, July 26!

2 Responses to Send us Your Submissions for Comic 700!

  1. I knew what I wanted to do mine on, then Debs came home. Silly Debs, you spoiled it all. :: grins::

  2. I’m making a comic! 😀 *likes making comics*
    I’m not really following the theme as I don’t have any fandoms (not really a geek, am I? I just hang around because you guys are awesome) but my comic does have portals in it (heh heh)