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Comic 701 – “Vacation Return”


Errol: First off, THANK YOU! ^_^ Thanks for all the comics for the 700th comic! That meant I didn’t have to rush before my California trip! HUZZAH! ^_^

Furthermore, Debs has been doing a lot of work for D&E, as you guys can see! And we updated our mailing list. SO, if you aren’t part of it, by all means, join it! It’s all sorts of fun! I think. We send out a newsletter almost once every two months! There’s special comics in that newsletter! And Debs writes it, so that means it’s more thoughtful than if I wrote it! Huzzah!

23 Responses to Comic 701 – “Vacation Return”

  1. OOOO! OOOO! OOOO! Am I on it? Am I? Am I?

    …..this is why I do not generally let myself type when I’m still half asleep….

    Debs works so hard :: starts a standing ovation for the Debs::

    • *blinks* You’re… up early. Or is it that you just never slept? XD

      I was on the mailing list. Do I need to re-sign up for the new one?

      And odd story. So Friday morning (like right after midnight) I placed two orders for things. One was for me and one was a gift. I needed the gift right away so I did overnight shipping. I did regular with the other package and it was estimated to be here by the 12th which is fine since that’s when I would get back from Otakon. I got the package for me yesterday… and my overnight shipment just came this morning. *face palm* I suppose it’s good I got it at least before I left but still. Their definition of overnight may need some adjustment.

      • ROFL, yeah

        We leave for Angelique’s when she gets back from the mechanic, and we are staying there overnight to get an early start on the drive. So no choice but to be up early. Just got off the phone with EA games Tech support. My answer (From a specialist I got escalated to) was more or less “Wow, that is a really really weird bug… I have no clue how in the world that could happen….” He’s contacting the “sims lab” whatever that means and I’ll get a call back…. at some point….. ARGH! All the people are nice and friendly, and they all do their best to be helpful, but the lesson I’m learning here? better to buy the cheap version on amazon then to go for all the bells and whistles I get for buying it directly from EA games.

      • What bug happened with your game?

        Do you have an eta for when you’ll get to the hotel tomorrow? I’ll be landing a little after 1 so… depending on the time of the Light rail I SHOULD be there around 2ish.

        It’s a very good thing we weren’t staying at the Radisson though. I was looking at the Otakon boards and a whole bunch of people are having problems with them. They apparently changed ownership and it’s not a Radisson anymore and they are doing construction. About 40 rooms got canceled and they moved them to the hotel by the airport but gave no notice to the people (or to Otakon and the booking service they use). Most went through the Otakon booking service and so they had to call to get their reservation numbers and that’s how they found out. There’s a bunch of other problems with reservations there also but that’s the main topic.

      • Oh holy Goddess. I am so glad we are done with that hotel. I love our hotel so much.

        And the bug I’m having… I downloaded the gold bundle of Dragon Valley So I should have that game (neighborhood, stuff, and oh yeah ELVES AND DRAGONS!!!!!), the Celtic Lands neighborhood, the Duke of Bows Ren Faire, and some exclusive limited edition dragons. (Had to get the gold bundle, just because I could not see elves without bows… I want a Holt neighborhood, dang it!)

        So I load up the game… and I see the neighborhood for DV, but no Celtic lands, no Ren Faire. I go to create-a-sim, and I cannot make elves, nor can I make dragons.

      • It’s a good hotel. 🙂

        And that’s… odd. Do you have to reinstall the whole thing maybe?

      • uninstalled and reinstalled the new content. Given that it took me three hours to install all my updates and patches last time, I better not have to reinstall the whole base game.

      • Well actually I just checked the mail and guess what was in my mail box? XD Eeeee yay stuffs! That was some packed little envelope. My shaker is adorable! And I really liked the stationary. I was admiring it before I read the letter (plus I like all those Korean, Japanese, etc stuffs). 🙂 It feels like Christmas lol.

      • Yay!!! Yeah, we bought those envelopes to ship CDs in last year before the crazy stuff was in the picture – there is just no way to gracefully pack a T-Shirt in it. I’m not even sure if it’ll work for the larger-sized ones, but here’s hoping!

        I thought you might like the stationary! It’s sweet, yet makes absolutely no sense whatsoever 😀

    • * Laughs * You’re on it, Lore 🙂 A lot of the work for me was transferring the old list/Indiegogo list to add to the new one. Stupid CSV files.

  2. And once again, Kingdom Hearts wins the prize for corniest line. “Are you what’s trapped him in that nightmare? If you are, then I’m what nightmares fear!”


    • Maybe later. I’ve been getting ready for Otakon all day. Plus I kinda suck at taking pics of myself but I can try.

      • Eh I took the best one I could at the moment but I may do that just to have a better looking pic. XD

      • Lore would love to do that. 🙂

        Lore also stupidly finished dream drop distance. What is stupid is the timing. I have to be up in 4 hours. And Div is asleep in the same room, so I couldn’t scream…. or laugh. Needed to do both. Not in that order.

        So… Jez, I finished DDD. When you get to con, mind explaining to me exactly what I just saw?