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Comic 707 – “Debs is Busy”


Errol: And tonight, we hope to do a video. Hopefully, Debs has a voice to do so! ^_^
Debs: This is one of those times where I’m pretending that the comic isn’t real. 😛  Our friend Steven Westley Guiles and I wrote a No Face love song a few weeks ago. The influence is subtle, but it’s there. You can listen a very rough demo here!

7 Responses to Comic 707 – “Debs is Busy”

  1. Deb’s catchphrase should be “because I’m awesome” of course, then you’d have to cover the Dollyrots..

    • That’s a great catchphrase 🙂 I know when my friends and I played Super Smash Brothers a lot, what came to be my catchphrase was “I’m a Princess!” said in a really high, squeaky voice. I’m pretty sure I’ve never said it in band context though.

  2. Dear Whitless,
    World of warcraft has no given me a single shoulder pad as armor. All I can think of is your letter to Tifa.
    Hunting for you,