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Comic 719 – “Alina’s Mouse”

Errol: Yet another one of our conversations. I think most of this is pretty much true, Alina thought it was a spider too. And Debs makes fun of MY totoro’s.

This is the only totoro that I logged on Geek Guy Knitting.

Debs is doing such a good job at knitting them, so she’s been doing them all! Go Debs!

Debs: I asked my mom if I should add one more whisker on each side to make eight legs but she said no. Apparently its name is Moustache.

12 Responses to Comic 719 – “Alina’s Mouse”

  1. Tres cute!

    Oh! So I made a discovery. For all Animal Crossing people: look at the town tune maker… then watch the opening credits of Totoro! I nearly fell over when I realized! Unfortunately we are watching it in English this time. Mom wants the baby to get both, not just the Japanese. Le sigh.

  2. Spider-ro, Spider-ro
    Made by Debs and Errol-o
    Can it swing from a web?
    No it can’t, it’s a Totoro
    Look out.

    Actually the face looks like a mouse.

  3. When I first saw the Totoro, I immediately thought Mouse! Then I read the comic. Now I can only see spider, and I must go hide. Thanks, Errol! :O