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Comic 720 – “Terraria Doom”

Errol: Actually, I didn’t download Terraria, I donwloaded Junk Jack X. Considering Terraria 1.2 was coming out, I wanted to try something different! ^_^

We did get our intro done though. Manpans sat beside me and watched me create it to make sure it was done. 😀

Whitless: It’s true, the moment Errol showed me the website for the ipad Terraria I immediately told him he had to finish this slate. I think my exact words were “you have to do it tonight because tomorrow I lose you”. Poor addictive personality Errol. The slate is for a new youtube series we’re doing hopefully! Exciting times!

9 Responses to Comic 720 – “Terraria Doom”

  1. I know how it is- because there’s an obsessive part of me that works very similarly to Errol’s obsessions, cases in point being Gravity Falls in three days, The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra in eight days, One Piece (550 episodes at time of watching) in nine weeks, all without dropping work commitments.

    Edit: Also, in the time it took me to write this comment, the site managed to log me out.

  2. No hover-over? :: grin then sighs::

    Scary things happening in the world this week. Can I sleep until next week?