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Comic 729 – “Alex of NwG”


Errol: Considering all the time I spend with this man by my side, he was bound to make it into the comic. This is Alex of Nerds with Guitars. They’re one of the first professional geek bands in Toronto!

He and I work together!

Debs: I’m surprised it took this long. Welcome to the comic, Alex!

3 Responses to Comic 729 – “Alex of NwG”

      • I’d watch! No, better yet, I’ll be on the editing team so I can see it before you all and get to choose what is on the public blooper reel (the show) and what is on the hidden blooper reel (the DVD extras) and the “for the love of the goddess WHY?!” blooper reel which will never see the light of day to prevent the summoning of Cthulhu.