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Comic 732 – “EP Title Needed”


Errol: We posted a request for titles on our Facebook wall. We got a whole whopping 6 comments. I then posted it on my personal wall on FB. Sixty one comments. I know that FB wants pages to pay so that people can see posts, but nope, I’m not doing that.

I think I should just stick with my personal FB. Sorry FB friends, you’re going to get a lot more D&E from me.

Debs: Some of those comments were a friend and I reminiscing about elementary school 😀 I got 15 comments on mine when I posted. Errol and I have 238 mutual friends on there. That’s weird. Also, I love the fact that I’m banging my head against the comic frame. That is awesome.

5 Responses to Comic 732 – “EP Title Needed”

  1. Parodeekeries with the Debs and Errol logo in each others font. XD

    But yes the edge thing is adorable. 🙂

    • Bwahaha!!! Geeknado 😀 Errol completely won’t get that but while I was at FAWMstock we had a “nado” thing. It was mostly “bronado” and “beernado” that we kept repeating.