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Comic 731 – “Guitar Difficulties”


Errol: I actually am not too sure what guitar part they are talking about. Probably Falling Quickly. ^_^
Debs: Yes, it’s “Falling Quickly”. The guitar part was the first thing on the EP I tried to track and also the last. I can play it quite fine off the cuff or on stage, but when it came to recording I had a really tough time despite hours and hours of practicing. It’s tough when it’s the only thing at parts, so imperfections are really exposed. The guitar we ended up with is actually half me and half Devin.

I commented to Devin that it was the Pachelbel song of the album, because of all the tracking difficulties spanning the gamut from pitch, timing, splicing and really weird artifacts on a couple of lines of Errol’s vocals making him sound like he was gargling while singing…across every take of those lines. Seriously, we still have no idea what the heck that was or who/what he was channeling.

Ironically, this is the one that I figured Errol would have the most trouble with but he waltzed in and nailed those falsettos in retakes last week.

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