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Comic 733 – “New EP Name!”


Errol: Yes! We have a name for our EP and it was Tamara that suggested it! I think we’re going to give her a prize or something. ^_^
Debs: There were so many suggestions that we ridiculously, ridiculously loved. You are all amazing!! Tamara, you win a free copy of the EP and the donors-only PDF we’re putting out along with it! Congratulations! And I’ve just added CTRL+ALT+DUETS as a website tag. That’s kind of exciting.

7 Responses to Comic 733 – “New EP Name!”

  1. I thought for sure one of my myriad suggestions would get through, but apparently not.

    Also, I know this may seem weird coming from somebody she’s never met, but many happy returns to Keren nonetheless.

    • Debs is right, we are probably set for titles for a very long time. 😀

      And don’t worry MP, I can’t get Debs to like anything I like!

  2. Yours were fricking hilarious, MP. There were so, so many great ones but we really felt that one fit us best. 😀 We totally have to save them all and use some in the future – we’ll probably never have to ask for a title again.

  3. Not to seem.. you know.. picky, but can I get a different colour background? I’m not sure about the blue-green. Makes my stig helmet look pale. Maybe a white background? or a light grey? oh wait is that the Debs and Errol background colour? Is this whole post one big faux pas?

    Did I ever mention on the D&E website that the first time I met Errol I thought his name was Harrold the whole evening?

    This post is starting to seem long. Maybe I should write a story..

    • They’re all blue/green but I’m sure Errol could change the background (or maybe send it to you with a transparent background) – just email him 🙂