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Comic 733 – “New EP Name!”


Errol: Yes! We have a name for our EP and it was Tamara that suggested it! I think we’re going to give her a prize or something. ^_^
Debs: There were so many suggestions that we ridiculously, ridiculously loved. You are all amazing!! Tamara, you win a free copy of the EP and the donors-only PDF we’re putting out along with it! Congratulations! And I’ve just added CTRL+ALT+DUETS as a website tag. That’s kind of exciting.

7 Responses to Comic 733 – “New EP Name!”

  1. I thought for sure one of my myriad suggestions would get through, but apparently not.

    Also, I know this may seem weird coming from somebody she’s never met, but many happy returns to Keren nonetheless.

  2. Yours were fricking hilarious, MP. There were so, so many great ones but we really felt that one fit us best. 😀 We totally have to save them all and use some in the future – we’ll probably never have to ask for a title again.

  3. Not to seem.. you know.. picky, but can I get a different colour background? I’m not sure about the blue-green. Makes my stig helmet look pale. Maybe a white background? or a light grey? oh wait is that the Debs and Errol background colour? Is this whole post one big faux pas?

    Did I ever mention on the D&E website that the first time I met Errol I thought his name was Harrold the whole evening?

    This post is starting to seem long. Maybe I should write a story..

    • They’re all blue/green but I’m sure Errol could change the background (or maybe send it to you with a transparent background) – just email him 🙂