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Comic 734 – “So Much To Do”


Errol: It will be a good day indeed when everything is done for this EP. Oh ya! ^_^
Debs: I’m looking forward to Wednesday when the last track is uploaded and I can call Aaron and go “ENGAGE MIXING MAGIC!” And the day when I can set up the pre-order thing on Bandcamp and generate ALL THE DOWNLOAD CODES. And the day I stick the codes into csv file of names and go “MAIL MERGE!!! WHOOSH!!!!” And the day I click send.  And the day I go “That’s the last shaker!!!” I like shakers but it’s getting cold and I want to knit hats!

5 Responses to Comic 734 – “So Much To Do”

    • That’s great 🙂 Finally beat it with a minor character in a pony book I read as a child, and felt more pleased with myself than I should have done

  1. Watching an episode of Chef Wanted that we recorded a bit back, and one of the chefs competing is named “Chef Errol”. Rooting for him, just because of the name. 🙂