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Comic 753 – “Can-Con 2013 Filk Show”


Errol: Did I say this on stage? Yes, yes I did. But I love Kari Maaren. She’s amazing. AND SHE WON THE FAN FILK AURORA AWARD for 2013!! HUZZAH
Kari: If I remember correctly, Errol’s actual comment was, “Except for Kari.  Her songs are about bitter love.”  This got a huge laugh, of course.  I didn’t actually want to kill him; I thought it was funny.  And yes, I won a spiky statue that can kill people.

4 Responses to Comic 753 – “Can-Con 2013 Filk Show”

  1. Congrats Kari! 🙂

    Today is my dad’s biopsy. It will be nice to have some confirmed info and a plan on where to go from here instead of just waiting around.