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Comic 754 – “Sunday Morning”


Errol: I’ve done this to Manpans twice now. She’s my Siri. She’s awesome! ^_^
Whitless: I was seriously having one of the most awesome dreams of my life. It might as well have been Hugh Jackman wanting a kiss :D. And yes, it was interrupted at the moment before pique awesomeness by Errol’s phone call. I am his GPS :D. Or Siri…whatever that is :D. The first time was when he and his family were looking for a cottage. I’m always happy to help but…MAN, was that an awesome dream.

3 Responses to Comic 754 – “Sunday Morning”

  1. Re: The update

    You nailed my reactions as I had them. T.T I’ll have to tell my boss I have to get out of work early….