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Comic 756 – “November Gigs”


Errol: Got home super late, but fortunately, this took me only about 15 minutes, Debs gave me this idea over chat! Huzzah!
Whitless: Awwww, that means you miss TGIO! And see?! Nothing is just “fine”
Debs: The TGIO is on December 2nd, not to worry.

15 Responses to Comic 756 – “November Gigs”

      • Hah, I was going to say something similar–so maybe not 24 hours, but still a much condensed amount of time! Though to be fair, I can’t imagine coming anywhere close to 50k words in 24 hours…and wouldn’t want to attempt it in a week either. But clearly Errol can handle it.

  1. I met someone last weekend at a reenactment with my dad (the blacksmith) who told me about his friend who was a creative writing major. I’m not sure how the conversation came up nor why I needed to know about his friend, but before he left our tent, I asked him if he enjoyed writing as well. I then proceeded to introduce him to NaNoWriMo, and told him he should tell his friend. Of course his eyes got wide when I told him about the 50k words, but he did ask me to write the website down. I felt very proud of myself for sharing NaNo with a stranger, since approaching someone I don’t know like that petrifies me.

    Of course, I’ll likely never know if he or his friend join (no, I didn’t go as far as giving him my username), but that’s okay. I advertised for NaNo. And it seemed quite fitting, what with November being so close.

  2. OH! Right! Anyone using Adobe… apparently they got hacked, and they suggest people change their passwords! I got the email last night. It was one of the few times my email password matched the password of something I used that email as a log in for…. they no longer match, as both have been changed, and I have 2 new passwords to keep in my head. T.T

  3. I’ve just run the numbers, and you know what else happens on November 30th (except if missed comics/ extra strips skew the numbers)… comic 800, and what more fitting time to have it than at the end of NaNo?

    • :: whimpers::: 2 novels, family trip….AND making a guest comic? You’re trying to kill the American fans, aren’t you? :: seriously considers making the comic in advance::

      • Maybe skip one of the days you’re in the states- make your life easier at the same time.