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Comic 757 – “Thunderclap Contest! Join Us!”



  1. Join our Thunderclap.
  2. Figure out what the symbols below on our EP represent and then email us at:

The first person who gets them all and emails us wins!
And your prize: We will shout your name to the world! And trust me, I can shout!


8 Responses to Comic 757 – “Thunderclap Contest! Join Us!”

  1. Well, I’m not quite sure but I at least know that one is a mouth with really weird teeth. 🙂

  2. What about the ones we can’t see fully? I know nearly all the others, and the few I don’t, I feel like I should.

  3. I thought the one on the right was the Enterprise or a StarTrek starbase, but I see in the bigger picture that it is something like a witch’s hand…

    And I still think the little guy looks like a gingerbread man…

    • The little person is from a worker placement game. I forget the name, played it once. Sheeple or meeples. Don’t recall which.

      • Then there’s the symbol between the stylised table and the mouth with the funny teeth, it looks like someone tried to draw a Pikachu and got almost everything wrong, but it can’t be…

        (Now, how many more ways can we misconstrue symbols to make Errol facepalm?)