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Comic 758 – “Canadian Thanksgiving”


Errol: Hey All, just to let you know, I think we have a winner for the contest we had yesterday! ^_^ In the meantime, it’s thanksgiving here, so we’re hopefully going to take a little bit of a break. Well, we have mixes to listen to, so maybe not that much of a break! ^_^ I’m inviting Kari over for Thanksgiving dinner! HUZZAH! ^_^
Kari: You need to understand that this all took place over Gchat.  Errol was, at this point, communicating entirely in capital letters.  The invitation was basically screamed out several times in a row.  Errol does nothing by half measures.
Whitless: I am truly surprised it took him as long as it did. As soon as Kari typed out the words “I’m alone Thanksgiving” I expected an immediate barrage of All Caps. But it was a whole five minutes before he caught on!

10 Responses to Comic 758 – “Canadian Thanksgiving”

  1. From all reports my Dad has been the exact same way this Thanksgiving. While I’m not going home for the celebration the dinner is up to 23 people. I think I’m okay with staying home. ^_^

      • Oh believe me, I will be. On the way in at least. We’re staying into December, so the flight home will probably be Sims or video editing.