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Comic 759 – “EP Pre-order!”


Errol: SO MANY THINGS GOT DONE! HUZZAH! Yes, our Thunderclap is fully supported! Thank you so much! ^_^

And CTRL+ALT+DUETS Bandcamp page is up where you can pre-order AND listen to the first song, Tribbles! Huzzah!

Oh, and I also finished most of the comics for October Nanotoons as well. What a busy weekend.

15 Responses to Comic 759 – “EP Pre-order!”

  1. Woo congrats guys! 🙂 That’s awesome! And Tribbles sounded absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. 🙂

    I’m hopeful I’ll be able to be around for things a bit more. I need to schedule my time better now.

    Update about my dad (since it’s just easier to post here) is it spread to his shoulder and groin area. So only radiation and chemo are options and he’s going to be doing both. The radiation should help with the pain in his shoulder and hopefully he’ll be able to have more mobility again soon as that will drastically change his outlook on the whole thing.

  2. I also can’t wait either for the rest of the album, or for Nanotoons (I’ve already got a tab open on the Nanotoons site, and I’ve been refreshing it every other day or so- some might that’s excessive, but they don’t tend to say that for long *cue ominous music*)

  3. Holy hand grenade, it sounds AMAZING! I almost never play my music in the office unless I’m alone…. I had to let my co-worker hear it. Holy wow.

    • You should try a before and after with Tribbles- I’ve noticed the lyrical changes as well as the enhanced instrumentals, goes to show exactly what proper musical production can do.

      • Hmmm! We never really recorded it when it was just a guitar song, though the first performance the night after we wrote it (where I mess up the words) is up on YouTube. I do have an older print of this track that doesn’t have as much vocal processing, but it might not sound different enough to be interesting.

  4. -drools over Tribbles-

    If it wasn’t for all the turkey I ate today I’d totally stay up all night for your EP release! But turkey makes you sleepy, so that probably won’t happen. Also, I have school. This means that I shall retire to my bed at a semi-decent (but probably still fairly late because I’m not THAT lame) hour. My sincerest apologies.

    My Oma came over for Thanksgiving today and made me promise her (AGAIN) that I would let her read something that I’ve wrote. Seeing as most of my stories are either unfinished YA novels or school projects that I despise with every inch of my soul, I’m obviously panicking.


    Jezebel: Yikes, your poor dad. I’m still praying for him and the rest of your family so keep hanging in there. <3

    • Silly Paige, the EP releases at noon! No need to stay up all night 🙂 And Paige, I totally understand the panicking, believe me.

  5. AHHH listening to it right now! Amazing, amazing, amazing!
    P.s. Congrats on the Thunderclap!

    Jezbel- thinking of your dad. <3