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Comic 777 – “NaNo Naming”


Errol: That’s right, I am writing about real people in a fantasy world in my novel. So far, I’ve introduced four other characters. Debs is the last. And she’s making it difficult for me. As she does. *LAUGH*
Debs: I said “I like lots of vowels” and he said, “Good, this name has two. I haven’t started writing.

16 Responses to Comic 777 – “NaNo Naming”

  1. They must be busy, there’s no mouseover.

    Running severely behind with wordcount at the moment, having barely made 5k last night and only managed under 1k words today- and between traveling to and from a nine hour shift at work, day four is pretty much already gone for me.

    • Oh… no mouse over. I thought there was.

      And yes… I’m… getting mightily exhausted as of late! *laugh* I couldn’t stay awake on Saturday. My body shut down. Slept for 14 hours. I think I need to pull back… ^_^

      • There have been several missing mouseovers lately, both here and on NaNoToons. I pointed out the first few, but decided it would just get annoying if I did it every time. But since MP brought it up…mouseovers!

        I got a huge start on my word count over the weekend, and will now proceed to have a normal week. Though there’s this strange drive inside me to try to keep the pace, it just isn’t feasible when my husband has to work. Darn that need for money.

        Edit: MP, it doesn’t you’re like you’re *that* far behind. Not even 1000 words! Unless you have some kind of extra-NaNo goal of your own that I don’t know about.

      • Not that far behind- but this is the beginning of a week of long shifts, so I’m expecting to get further behind unless the muse picks me up and carries me.

        (I’m also bearing in mind that I managed 75k last year, and this is quite a way behind the pace I managed for that)

      • I can understand that. I mean, I can sort of understand it. I have never done more than 50k before, so normally I am perfectly content to sit right around par throughout the month.

        This is the first year that reaching past 50k seems to be a possibility, but I am well aware that when I hit 50k, my brain may suddenly decide that, since the pressure is off, writing is not nearly as important. I am going to do everything I can to prevent that, but, well…I know myself too well.

      • I don’t have a specific number in mind, but my plan is to write all month, no matter when I hit 50k. If I can keep myself from slacking off after reaching the goal. I’m all gung ho now, but ask me again in a few weeks.

  2. I was going to write a scene wherein my main character drops an entire crockpot of queso, then decided that even in fiction I couldn’t bear to waste perfectly good queso. Instead, people around her told her to leave the crockpot alone and carry something else. That bit was, alas, based entirely on myself, but I do have other real-life people in my novel. Mostly, I haven’t told them.

  3. So a name like Aurorarial or Afecteau would be better? Or maybe we could add more vowels to Doran, like Dooraené?

  4. Considering the challenge of naming Debs’ character, you could have always used Linden as a first name- I think it’d work well enough (though for some reason with all these vowels I had misremembered Debs as being the elf in your story)