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Comic 790 – “Airport Tickets”


Errol: In reality, the lady was nodding at us while trying to tell us to get a wheelchair. Debs was just not paying attention. And why was she answering for me anyway? I’m the one in crutches! ^_^
Debs: I think it was because we’d actually talked about that at some point earlier where I had asked you and you said you’d be fine.

9 Responses to Comic 790 – “Airport Tickets”

  1. “We must takes the Wheelchair from the wicked hobbitses!” “No…no! Nice Master! Good Master!” “Did we forgets to change the colour of our commentses?” “Curses! Lost! Looooooooooost!”

  2. I remembered what the white border meant too! Of course the label with the date on it helped also. XD

  3. Most of us remember that white borders indicate events in the past- but nobody remembers that purple borders indicate dream sequences… (well, no they don’t, but they should)

      • I sincerely doubt that any dreams the pair of you have would be normal- after all, normal just isn’t relevant if it doesn’t inspire you.

    • Man, now I really want a dream sequence…

      I thought Errol had announced ahead of time that he was going to be doing an arc on the trip, and that it would have a white border. Did I imagine that? I can’t find it now. Maybe I’m crazy.

      • He might have. For all Quantum Leap fans…. Sam Beckett’s memory is at least twice as good as mine…. so…. yeah.