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13 Responses to Comic 805 – “Next Day, Finally”

  1. I had to read this a couple times to realize it *didn’t* say Sam. And then it suddenly made a lot more sense 🙂

    I hate waking up super-early on con days. I lay there thinking, “I need more sleep. Not tired, but need sleep. Sleep, dang it!” I don’t recommend mentally yelling at yourself as the best way to get to sleep.

      • Was it Sam from Stargate? Because if she shows up in your hotel room, something really horrible is probably soon to follow.

        If it was Sam from The West Wing, a lot of walking is probably about to happen. Ditto for LOTR Sam, plus some orcs.

        If he has eggs and ham with him, a lot of rhyming and no more sleep is about to come your way.

        … I think I’ve reached the end of pop culture Sams that I care about.