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Comic 806 – “TIFF Contests and Concerns”


Errol: Is the TIFF contest still going on? Yes. Please vote for me if you haven’t or even if you have! No sign up, blood tests or any type of genetic samples required!

Do you want to see the entry? Debbie Ohi has a wonderful blog post about it!

And finally, here’s our Totoro song again, just in case no one knows what it is:

8 Responses to Comic 806 – “TIFF Contests and Concerns”

      • Regarding “gango4,” back when the interwebs were young, my wife (the Blond) and I had four small children. My father-in-law would refer to them as “the gang of four.” (yes, tasteless, but memorable.). At any rate, way back when we got our first email address, we chose “gango4.”. It stuck, and has been an Internet handle ever since. Needless to say, that was a long time ago. The gang of four have all grown into semi-irresponsible adults like their parents, and one of them is my co-author!

      • Aw, good to know. 😀 There’s a card game called Gang of Four too. Of course, there are probably many things called that.

        Just piqued my interest!

  1. Current position on the voting, Errol is at 318 votes, just behind the current front-runner who, as of this post, has 324 votes… Another surge could be decisive.

    • Errol is, for the moment, back on top with 332 votes to 331 of the second place…

      Quick question for anyone who might know, is there any news on when 3gp will be resuming something approaching normal service?