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Comic 807 – “TIFF Contest Continues”


Errol: Ok, this is getting crazy. The TIFF Biggest Ghibli Fan Contest is still going on AND I’M LOSING! BLARG!!

Please vote for me! Phones works too!

The entry itself is on Debbie Ohi’s wonderful blog!

And yes, this past weekend, we pretty much finished off the last season of David Tennant. Only two more Specials and then we’re done! It’s been simply awesome to have a weekend where I had very little responsibilities and I could sit and watch Doctor Who with my girls! ^_^

Debs: Yay relaxing weekend! Mine involved a lot of gaming – Catan, Agricola and passing Super Mario World 3D which some friends and I had been working through. Somewhere in there I made sure that the friends I was with voted for Errol on their computer and phones.

9 Responses to Comic 807 – “TIFF Contest Continues”

  1. I suppose you’ll probably be watching another significant quantity of Doctor Who over the Christmas period (as the next patch when you’ll have a decent amount of free time in all likelihood).

    My question about when 3gp is due to resume still stands.

    • We are aiming for 3GP to resume in the new year. There are some thing we are trying to do to better the podcast, but they take time and preparation. Unfortunately a lot of that is on my shoulders and they are a little crowded due to work and ongoing health concerns.

      But do not fear, there are exciting things on the horizon for the podcast.

  2. Something Errol could do to cement his position as top Ghibli enthusiast in Toronto- write a parody song… “I am the very model of a Miyazaki Maniac” has a nice ring to it I think…

  3. Cheer up, Errol. I think you are back in 1st. Take heart, we the Wishful Totoro Neighborhood (WTN), will continue to vote until we run out of unique IP addresses!