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5 Responses to Comic 808 – “Small World”

  1. Tell you what, considering the depth of your obsession, a bunch of us could threaten to stop voting unless you get back on track with the OryCon strips… that help any?

      • Yes, but we need progress as well… This isn’t a statement of dislike so much as a statement of “stop procrastinating and get on with the tasks you initially set yourself”

      • Haha, well I wouldn’t call it procrastinating, exactly. 🙂 At least the contest will be over soon. Hmm…I still have to go to the library so I can log in through their wi-fi and vote again 😀

      • Well, perhaps not procrastinating so much as getting heavily side-tracked (bear in mind OryCon was over a month ago now and Errol has little time left before we take over the strip for a portion of the holiday period)