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Comic 810 – “Errol Mornings”


Errol: Back to Orycon! Huzzah! Poor Debs. She always goes to bed later, I always wake up earlier.
Debs: Traveling to the west coast is awesome because I can sleep in and still get up at a normal local time 🙂

6 Responses to Comic 810 – “Errol Mornings”

  1. Yes the West Coast is awesome! You should totally come for a visit again.

    Now on the East Coast… waking up 3 hours earlier is so not ideal.

    • Actually, you’d be fine in Europe (currently, your 8am is 1pm in the UK, so you could have a really long lie in 😀 ), but I think the flights from North America to Europe are often overnight, which is less than ideal. The problem is flying UK-> Canada/USA. I left the UK at 9am and landed in Texas at around midday local time after a 9 hour flight (times probably aren’t quite right, but they give a general idea)

      • I’ve gone back and forth between Britain & Texas so many times that I adjust to the six-hour difference so fast, but the two-hour change between Texas and California nearly kills me every time. I don’t know if that’s a personal quirk or if it’s a common thing that bigger time differences are easier to overcome. (And summer time. That hour change takes a week for me to adjust to in both directions.)

      • Texas wasn’t my final stop (5 hour layover, another 3 hour flight, then 3 hours driving before I reached my final destination) so I don’t know how well I would have adjusted to just UK->Texas. I struggle with short jumps as well though 🙂

      • Goodness gracious. Long-haul travel is the worst. Why don’t we have teleporters yet? It’s the 21st century, for heaven’s sake.