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Comic 811 – “FuMPCast!”


Errol: In actuality, we recorded the interview on Tuesday night! However, because I was going out later, the conversation was similar to what was in the comic. Debs was concerned about getting skype ready though, that’s really her prep. She needed a half an hour. I don’t know why she needs half an hour to get skype ready.
Debs: Well some of us have dying computers and have to borrow other ones to run Skype 😀
Errol: Oh, and the Great Luke Ski interviewed us! We had fun talking so after the interview, we talked for another half an hour or more! It was fun! Poor Luke. I think when we do interviews, people are confused by the dynamic Debs and I have.

Anyway, Luke Ski has a new album for Christmas so you should check that out.

And also, check out the FuMP for the podcast and our latest feature of Tribbles, which you can download for free!

4 Responses to Comic 811 – “FuMPCast!”

  1. Errol: Hmmmm…. Debs has a point. Don’t want to acknowledge that Debs has a point. Can’t argue the point had by Debs. I know! I’ll bring up Totoro! Hmmm, am I in first place…..?

    ^ my rendering of the inside of Errol’s mind during that comic

  2. she takes that long to get skype ready because its extremely lagy at the start. before i downgraded it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to get it up. it got worse every update and it got to the point where i couldn’t even start skype so i had to downgrade it to use it.

    • Ug, really, jex? Ick! Part of it is that even the computer that I borrow is an older one so I’m paranoid about trusting it. I don’t want to be late, so I tend to log in and test things way in advance.