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Comic Submission 818 – Paige

Debs: Every 100 comics, we ask for reader submissions! Since 800 fell right at the end of NaNoWriMo, we pushed it to 818 because it’s my birthday number.

Debs: A very happy unbirthday! To you? To me!
Paige: I still can’t draw, but at least this one looks less like Debs’s Paint Majesty and more like Paige’s Attempt at Something Passable. Hooray for that, I guess. Happy un-birthday, Debs.

Debs: Paige isn’t the only person who got confused. A few people have been asking me if it’s my birthday and I kept going “What? Why would you think that?” Then Paige sent this and it all clicked for me. Lucky Errol’s birthday number has already past, yes?


3 Responses to Comic Submission 818 – Paige

  1. lol Debs just say thanks for the Un-Birthday wishes, run like hell and leave all the poor confused fans… Harley Quinn on a motorcycle crackling like a crazy woman

    • Haha, thank you!
      I keep on sending my submissions in late, so I figured I’d be a good Canadian and poke some fun at myself, because apparently that’s what Canadians do best. (That and drink beer.)