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Comic Submission 818 – DebsAsianFriend

Debs: Every 100 comics, we ask for reader submissions! Since 800 fell right at the end of NaNoWriMo, we pushed it to 818 because it’s Debs’s birthday number.

Debs: Yes, she knit those finger puppets. DebsAsianFriend (ahh, so weird calling her that) is utterly amazing. She knits and crochets all sorts of things! In fact, if you hang with us on Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of them, because I’ve been gifted a few. She made me a Donatello, a Narwhal (Fillmore), and a weenie rainbow unicorn named Henry to battle with it. So awesome!!

6 Responses to Comic Submission 818 – DebsAsianFriend

  1. I LOVE the literal take on breaking the fourth wall (once I figured out what was going on there…didn’t notice the asterisk at first). Not to mention the real knitted Debs and Errol. Great comic!