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Comic 824 – “Happy New Year!”


Errol: Wow, 2014 already! HUZZAH! How was your new year’s eve? I already told you mine. ^_^

And btw, 3 Geeks in a Pod has a new website! It’s all pretty!

Debs: Happy New Year, Everyone! <3

9 Responses to Comic 824 – “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year!! 🙂 We had some company over but I also watched Doctor Who as I missed most of the Christmas Special last time.

    The new 3 Geeks site is very pretty and shiny. Looking forward to the new podcasts! XD

  2. Happy New Year! I worked so I’ll get my New Year’s present next week, a Blue Lantern Battery Prop. Sadly as the ball dropped I was fighting the evil forces of peanut butter, I’m fairly certain I won.

    Off to watch some Doctor Who! oh, anyone who watched the Christmas special thinking about changing their ringtone to Handle’s repeated “Doctor Who” line?

  3. It can only go uphill from there- surely this bespeaks a lack of imagination on your part… We could always designate you as the official watching companion for Grave of the Fireflies for all of Toronto so if anyone in the city watches it for the first time, you have to sit through it with them (preferably awake and in silence).

  4. Happy New Year everyone! We went to my parents’ house for a game night last night, and the evening ended with setting up their old Tandy computer so I can see what was on a floppy disk with my name on it. That took us down memory lane for a while.

    After two full weeks of holiday madness, I am sick and trying to take it easy, which is hard, because there’s so much I need to be getting to!

    I thoroughly enjoy Telestrations, btw.

  5. Grave of the Fireflies!? That brings back great memories.

    Of course, by “great” I mean I made most of a room of 20 people leave in tears. It was wonderful. Good luck with that!