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Comic 825 – “TIFF Totoro Gig”


Errol: HUZZAH! We are playing today at TIFF at 12:30!

And sorry for not being on social media as much in the last couple of days. My family is down, and we’ve been watching a lot of movies and Doctor Who. My wife also bought my kids “From Up On Poppy Hill” last night.

And by the way, the Breakfast Song from that movie is going to be the death of me. 😀

Whitless: And then I saw this comic after I sent you your “good luck you’re awesome” message. I take it back! Jerk!…Kidding :D. About taking it back. You’re still a jerk :D. Break legs, guys!

6 Responses to Comic 825 – “TIFF Totoro Gig”

  1. I bought From up on Poppy Hill for one of my sisters who quite enjoys most stuff from Studio Ghibli (though on advice from me, she will probably never watch Grave of the Fireflies)…

  2. lol sorry but Errol’s last comment made me laugh, it’s like a weirder version of Big Bang Theory…sorry Debs but you’d be Leonard

  3. Yay Totoro gig! I need to get more Miazaki movies… then get started on making my AC:NL town Totoro-themed.

    Oh, and your signature is on Debs’s face.