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Comic 826 – “Mistakes”


Errol: For the record, I did not say this.

I just thought it.

And then put it in a comic.

I am sure that is much better than me just saying it.

Debs: My first reaction to this comic was “jerk!” This was almost immediately replaced by “Errol has a filter? Huh.” This comic exaggerates but it is true that I was “blargh” over getting that silly C#5 whatever the heck wrong on the Kiki song because I’d practiced it more times than I can count. I hate you, C#5!

But yes. In seriousness, the gig went really well and I stayed for Totoro afterwards, especially fun since I was surrounded by giggling kids 🙂 And then last night there was Benedict Cumbersmaug. Seeing two movies in one day is weird. Kili is yummy.

5 Responses to Comic 826 – “Mistakes”

  1. The husband and I had quite the (good-natured) argument on the train after we saw the movie last year, because practically the first words out of his mouth after we walked out of the theatre were, “You are NOT ALLOWED to swoon over dwarfs!” And I insisted that there was no swooning. I bet the other occupants of the train were so happy to be sharing a car with us…

    • * Laughs * Hey, you should totally be allowed! Also, better dwarves than elves (I had a thing for Legolas in LOTR)! Seriously, I want to punch Thranduil in the face.

  2. lol Errol probably knew risking his life over such a comment wouldn’t be wise…did the little voice in your head said “force choke him” after reading the comic?

      • Hehe. Maybe sorta? There was nothing I could do because it was late and he was going to bed 😀

        Errol is pretty good at knowing what I think sometimes. Often it’s “____ isn’t perfect and I’m sad”.