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Comic 827 – “Need Feedback”


Errol: Poor Kari. I wonder how she got dragged into all of this. This happened last night.
Debs: Oh, it was because I asked for her feedback before you mixed it. And yes, Errol and I have this argument constantly. I don’t think it’s one we’ll stop having any time soon. But the important thing is that the song is done and shall soon be sharable!

12 Responses to Comic 827 – “Need Feedback”

  1. I couldn’t even hear the reverb on the version Debs said had too much reverb. I mostly just sat back and let the reverb conversation happen. That’s often the best way to go.

    I think you guys will enjoy this particular song.

  2. as I read the comic I was reminding of the old argument between Bugs and Daffy, “rabbit season vs duck season” so which one’s Bugs and which one’s Daffy?

  3. There are certain things that the creators of any song/comic/book/painting must labor over. How MUCH they labor over it is up to them. 🙂

    Sometimes, much laboring is had.
    Other times not so much.


    I think it needs 3db more 500k at 6 megahertz. 🙂