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Comic 828 – “Video Editing”


Errol: Poor Debs. I always get the impression that she thinks things I do are easily and quickly done. ^_^ Well, to be fair, I don’t know if she thinks that any more. Now I think she’s worried about my time. Heck, I think Manpans is worried about my time too. Maybe I should worry about it…

Or just watch more Doctor Who.

Debs: Actually we took Sunday off – Adam had to work and I had to go to the terrifying wedding show. But we’re back at it today! And yes, I do think that because you tell me often that you just try to get things done as quickly as you can so that you move on 😛


11 Responses to Comic 828 – “Video Editing”

  1. I stupidly volunteered myself to edit a video for my older sister for school once, since my laptop has a (crappy) webcam and mike, plus Windows Movie Maker. She has none of these things, so she took the laptop, recorded the video, and then cried over how awful it was. I then struggled for two to three hours with her quiet voice, bad lighting, and an obscene amount of “umm”s.

    This is why I don’t put videos on YouTube.

    Also, I’m getting caught up with Doctor Who, since my Netflix only has up to the 2012 Christmas special. I think I got up to the submarine one. I then gave up on my still-shoddy internet and watched a few Eccleston episodes because yaaaay Nine is best Doctor.

  2. I cheated and just recorded my mom’s one year old Golden Retriever playing…no editing needed, just a puppy being happy. The two of you should list what videos you watch on Youtube that mellow you out 🙂

    • Well Adam (on top of being a friend and former roommate) is a colleague of mine and seasoned pro at editing, and living not too far from where Debs is living certainly helps. I don’t think Debs meant it as a slight towards you Lore, but Adam is rather convenient for her. Note that she also didn’t ask me. 😉 Presumably because I’ve been too busy lately and have enough 3GP stuff to edit.

      And I am endlessly amused by comic Debs trying to tell comic Errol how much work editing is. I feel rather smug about it actually. 😉

      • Ah okay. I didn’t think it was a slight, just… sad. I *LIKE* editing….

        And I figured they had asked you first, lol.

      • Ja-Mez is correct, Debs needs to hover over any work that is being done. Especially if she’s crazy passionate about it.

        She was wanting this vid done Friday. Poor Adam.

        I can just imagine

        Adam: How’s this?
        Debs: Prettier
        Adam: What? I just spliced these two scenes together.
        Debs: Make it prettier.
        Adam: …