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Comic 829 – “Daily Texts”


Errol: Debs actually came up with a comic about this but it came too late, I already had made a comic. It was a good one too, but time dependent. It dealt with poo though, so, this one is similar enough. 😀
Whitless: This is partly my fault…I dared Errol on New Years Day to keep count of his bathroom breaks….he has taken it to ridiculous levels.
Debs: Why?! Why did you do that?!?! Blargh. Now I just kind of mentally do ratios in my head every time I get a message. Lesigh.
Kari: I never ever ever want a phone.

12 Responses to Comic 829 – “Daily Texts”

  1. Of course, you realise by the time you apprise them of the 500th bathroom break, they may as well just destroy your phone…

  2. Only now can a man of your “talents” live and survive the wrath of women. Flee my geeky friend, flee very fast for shall they catch you, your phone may swim and sink forever as they flush it with manic grins

  3. You dared him, too, Manda? I was there when Julie (via Debs) also suggested it to him! I guess he was getting the same idea from everyone on new year’s day… and now we’re all doomed to receive poo texts for eternity…