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Comic 830 – “Lore Hera”


Errol: Poor Debs, I’m so mean to her. I did work on something with her breathing down my neck. Not fun. *LAUGH* I kid, actually, it wasn’t bad. Much easier to have her tell me mistakes immediately, as opposed to one long email I don’t read.
Debs: Hey! My friend Adam, who’s cutting this vid for us, is a perfectionist as well so it’s totally not all me this time. His day job (night job? he works nights) is editing so he says “it’s got to be right” a lot. He’s teaching me basic principles as we go so that I won’t always have to “inflict perfectionism” on people.

21 Responses to Comic 830 – “Lore Hera”

  1. Just means you need to put out more video so you can get Lore doing one project (or possibly more) while Debs hovers over another (and has it redone a couple of times)…

    This may sound a little snide coming from me, but I don’t believe in the existence of perfection- after all, what may seem perfect now will only appear flawed a few years down the line when new advances allow for more to be done- strive for excellence by all means, but I’m not convinced that there is a perfect to be achieved…

    • That’s why I dislike when people call me a perfectionist. I am not seeking perfection, I am seeking satisfaction. I want to see the product I am creating and be satisfied with the results, flaws and all. The point at which I reach that mark versus when Errol reaches that mark is just radically different.

      • I commented the other day…in the comment thread you are referencing in this very comic…you replied to me….

        Many people (including Debs) call me a perfectionist. It drives me up the wall.

        And I mean “Errol” as an example of extremes. You work incredibly fast and efficiently, I take a long time futzing with things until I am happy. But we are both seeking the same thing: satisfaction in our work.

      • I’m with you, James, but I think of it as a contextual thing. Relative to Errol, I’m definitely a perfectionist because it takes a lot more for me to be satisfied with the results. I know quite well that what I’m producing isn’t perfect and I’m okay with that. I know that perfection isn’t something that I can achieve. Relative to people like Adam or you who is the same way, it’s probably perceived more as just having really high standards.

      • Totally disagree! *LAUGH* You are so a perfectionist!

        Why? Well, because I can be a perfectionist. Case in point, my stop motion film at 24fps.

        I choose what to be a perfectionist about given time and money and I’m satisfied with the result.

        I don’t know if you are EVER satisfied with the result, Debs. That’s the problem with the perfectionist.

        …. poor Debs.


    Okay, seriously geeking out now!


    I’m in the coooooomiiiiiiiiiic

    Okay, I think I’m done now. I hope. Maybe. I might squee a bit more….

    And hopefully there will soon be another video in addition to the one mentioned! As soon as we’re done with this burst pipe nonsense, I can finish editing it!

  3. and the comedy continues, good thing Comic Debs doesn’t have super strength or heat vision. Comic Errol would be dead right about now because in an unseen 5th panel probably from a Comic Debs’ Hulk Punch