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Comic 831 – “Organized”


Errol: I’m starting to realize I don’t have much on my home computer. I was looking for the master files for CTRL+ALT+DUETS, and I don’t have them. Good grief.

I also can’t find the lyrics to Catan.

11 Responses to Comic 831 – “Organized”

  1. ROFL. That explains why you never replied to my request for the lyrics. I shall ask Debs. Thank you.

    and I do have the song.

    Also – FIRST POST!

  2. Fourth post!!

    And I have this problem frequently. Finding lyrics and songs files spread out over multiple computers and web-based sites. When the apocalypse happens, my files are screwed.

  3. I sense a running gag here….just ask Debs…..DEBS?????? Errol forgot something…..again….for the millionth time……