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Comic 831 – “Organized”


Errol: I’m starting to realize I don’t have much on my home computer. I was looking for the master files for CTRL+ALT+DUETS, and I don’t have them. Good grief.

I also can’t find the lyrics to Catan.

11 Responses to Comic 831 – “Organized”

  1. ROFL. That explains why you never replied to my request for the lyrics. I shall ask Debs. Thank you.

    and I do have the song.

    Also – FIRST POST!

  2. Fourth post!!

    And I have this problem frequently. Finding lyrics and songs files spread out over multiple computers and web-based sites. When the apocalypse happens, my files are screwed.

  3. I sense a running gag here….just ask Debs…..DEBS?????? Errol forgot something…..again….for the millionth time……

  4. One of these days, all of us will have official characters in the comics and it will be awesome. xD