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13 Responses to Comic 836 – “S3E2”

  1. you watched the ending of Sherlock season 3 episode 3 didn’t you??? I watched all 3 episodes. Then I had this reaction “eh, WTF???” admit your guilt sir!

  2. Between my parents and I we now own – Settlers of Canaan, Star Trek Settlers, Settlers of America (From the histories collection), Rivals for Catan, and the iPad app for: Rivals, Settlers, and Cities and Knights…..

  3. I was very impressed with Episode 2. The whole episode you sat there thinking “OK. I know what they are going to do here… ok they didn’t do it, but yeah they are going to do it here…” They always kept playing on the emotions of the cynical viewer.

    Before it was disclosed, I figured out the what was going happen, but I hadn’t gotten the who of the whodunit.

    I really like how they used the titles of this series too. It’s always a play on the original story titles. This one very well done.

    I also think this one grew Sherlock’s personality and character significantly.

    • I was almost the opposite; I worked out who without working out how. I did have an idea of how one of the cases connected to the wedding, but I was stumped on the Mayfly Man one until Sherlock figured it out.

      This episode was definitely my favourite one so far. It developed the relationship between the characters in a very natural way and we got to see a side of Sherlock that he normally hides