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Comic 837 – “Manager Type”


Errol: Amy is super busy. But she’s good at what she does and she’s crazy supportive. Honestly, there are so many people out there that are so super supportive, it’s super awesome.

Yes we’re looking for cons. Our first con will be at Con-G in Guelph!

However, that’s already our third gig! Our 2nd gig is in Toronto with The Special Features! That’s on Saturday, Jan 25th, so I hope you guys can make it!

14 Responses to Comic 837 – “Manager Type”

  1. Come to EMC! I’m planning on attending, so I’ll finally get to see you guys! Doctor Holocaust was there last year and he was really cool, even though my friends and I were the only people who went to his YouTubing panel. ^.^

      • Yuppity yup yup yup! And apparently they’re doing it in the summer this year instead of March, so I won’t nearly get hypothermia from my shorts-n’-tee shirt cosplay. It was kind of awful last year for that…

      • You know, I DO remember inviting you to one of our shows in Waterloo… do you remember that? ^_^

        I think you ran away.

      • There’s another Waterloo apart from the place in Belgium (where the battle was fought) and the railway station in London?

  2. Just realized this could backfire on both of you if you overschedule…Debs, you’re the brains, keep your Errol in line 😛

    • LOL I’m not so worried. We’re both pretty money-conscious (and..umm…lacking money) so I don’t expect him to try and convince me to fly ourselves to Japan or anything like that 😛