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21 Responses to Comic 838 – “New Year, New Pursuits”

  1. For the record the video took about 26 hours to edit. So, if we had put in “full” and non-distracted days it would have been just over 3 days. I think that’s reasonable. Editing takes times and with specific lyrics you can’t really just slap any ol’ shots together. 😛

    Good luck with everything else you have planned for the year…you’re gonna need it. 😉

  2. Comics Debs and Real Debs should join forces and make the Errols suffer, no body puts Debs in a corner

      • which means Comic/Real Debs might be seconds from choking out Errol…the dark webcomic series never written….how Debs really deals with Errol…suspense…the horror…the girlish shrieks from Errol

      • It’s easy. Real Debs and Real Errol actually have separate lives!

        And only Debs puts herself in a corner. ^_^

        How on earth do you people think I have that much power over Debs? She’s a grown woman!

      • these “Real” people you speak of….they exist?? must investigate…

        actually it’s not the “power” but the suggestions or tasks that Debs sets out to accomplish…to quote the Doctor “Now that is a WOMAN!”

      • Yes! It’s Debs that sets out to accomplish her tasks. ^_^

        No amount of Errol or Comic Errol makes her do things. Trust me on that. She will do the opposite.

      • That’s why he was afraid to tell me “Let It Go” existed and was awesome before I saw it myself. In general though, real Errol gets things done a lot faster than real Debs.