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Comic 839 – “Special Features”


Errol: Next week! Next week we’re on with The Special Features, Musical Improv Troupe on Jan 25th!
Whitless: This happened almost a YEAR ago. Errol told me to send him an e-mail with the comic idea and I did, and the other day I saw that it was STILL in his inbox as “to be read”. I told him he might as well delete it since it was hardly relevant…apparently he found a use! So hopefully it’s deleted now! (also, the improv show was fun)


9 Responses to Comic 839 – “Special Features”

  1. I don’t usually have unread email either but sometimes things do get lost if I haven’t checked in awhile. XD

  2. Jez just has unreplied texts of late. LOL

    Um, so… Errol…. why didn’t the flashbacks have a different border?