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14 Responses to Comic 840 – “ 2014”

    • Well, not exactly in real life. Debs usually keeps FAWM free for her own music. I usually respect her in regards to that.

      Last year, she heard one of my geeky songs and wanted to sing it. So that wasn’t my fault. ^_^

      The thing about FAWM, I have a plethora of people I could collaborate with, actually! I’d prefer to do it with debs though…

      • I can vouch for that, he’s even collabed with me…which means he is scraping the bottom of the barrel for musical partners. 😀

      • Pfft… don’t be ridiculous. Sometimes the hardest part of song writing is the material. You have a plethora of knowledge I need. ^_^

  1. Who are you kidding- even if you aren’t writing songs together, you’ll end up writing songs towards the new album anyway… just as you did last year.

    • Yeah, that’s a fact, MP. 🙂 We’ll see how it goes. I don’t have really have much in the way of a private recording space for the first half of the month, which will kind of restrict things subject-wise. But happily and unexpectedly, I will likely have a private space for that second half. So we shall see.