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Comic 841 – “Design Help”

Errol: The Web Design process is going swimmingly. Well, it’s going, that’s for sure. You wouldn’t believe the number of emails that are going back and forth between us. Jules Sherred, known as GeekyJules on twitter, offered to do it for us.

I gave warnings. Jules wasn’t deterred.

Three weeks later, still no complaints. At least, not to us. I feel for Jules’ family and the amount of cursing that may have occurred because of us.

Debs: Hey…I like it a lot better now. And yes, there are a lot of emails flying. I don’t understand all of them.

14 Responses to Comic 841 – “Design Help”

  1. actually what were you expecting Errol? stormclouds and heat vision bursting the laptop into flames followed by an unearthly voice booming all that was terrible….then afterwards Debs smiling and walking away leaving you shaking in terror? <—overactive imagination at work again…

  2. No swearing. I’m having fun!

    But, my family is currently afraid to talk to me. Apparently, I have this “in the zone” face that makes it so that they’re even afraid to ask me if I want some dinner.